Having developed fighting and falling skills over her 23-year martial arts career, in addition to being a long-time adrenaline-seeker, becoming a stunt performer for the Canadian film industry was a natural fit. In addition to her martial arts related skills, she is also an avid fencer/sword fighter, Advanced Open Water scuba diver, rock climber, downhill skier, and trains regularly in stunt related skills at the Delta gymnastics gym. Based in Vancouver, she is a full UBCP union member (#11905) and full Stuntlist member, having earned stunt performer credits on a wide variety of films and TV series', including Once Upon a Time, The Predator, Zoo, The Descendants 2, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Fear the Walking Dead, The 100, Supernatural, Van Helsing, Wayward Pines, Dark Matter, Scary Movie 4, Smallville, and more.

In addition to her stunt skills, Lori is also an actor who is currently represented by Boss Management.

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Martial Arts Stunt Skills

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Having trained for 23 years in a Japanese style of Jiu-jitsu called Can-ryu that is oriented towards self-defense and law enforcement, Lori has a strong base in a variety of skills related to stunts, including boxing/kickboxing & empty hand hand/arm strikes, throws/takedowns, breakfalls, joint locks, weapons (use and defense against), handcuffing, pressure points, and submission grappling. In addition, she has supplemented her primary training through other martial arts, including Filipino martial arts training (with Mark Mikita), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu/MMA, Shotokan Karate (brown belt), Aikido, and Wing Chun.

Lori is the owner and head instructor of Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu in Richmond, BC. Her dojo space is available for rental for stunt rehearsals by film productions and stunt performers.

Sport Fencing and Sword Fighting

Before she even took up Jiu-jitsu, Lori started off exploring her interest in combat training in Western sport fencing at the age of 12. Her primary weapon was foil, and at the peak of her competitive career she ranked 26th in Canada for Women's foil. She later dabbled in sabre fencing, which led to her competing on the University of Ottawa fencing team, taking 1st place with her team. While Lori no longer actively competes, she still has a love for the art, fencing regularly with stunt performer Ray Chan and his fencing/martial arts group.

In film, Lori performed fencing as a stunt double for 3 different characters on Embrace of the Vampire with stunt coordinator Brett Chan. She also did sword work for Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief (SAE), and stunt rehearsal work for Smallville. 

Stunt Reel