Lori O'Connell: In the Dojo, In Writing & In Films

It's impossible to pin Lori down to a single title. Her interests and inclinations have taken her all across the map, both figuratively and literally. She has, however, settled into a few roles that combine her natural talents and trained skills.

Martial Artist, Jiu-jitsu Instructor & Dojo Owner

Lori O'Connell has trained in the martial arts for over 22 years and taught for over 19 years. She is the owner and head instructor of Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu, which she has been running since January 2006. She holds the rank of 5th degree black belt in a Japanese style of Jiu-jitsu called Can-ryu, and has trained in a wide variety of other styles to supplement her training in her primary style. She is a regular instructor at the Canadian Jiu-jitsu Union winter and summer camps, and has taught Jiu-jitsu/self-defense at martial arts schools/organizations, private companies, and community organizations across North America and internationally.

Author, Blogger, Communicator

Lori O'Connell is the author of When the Fight Goes to the Ground: Jiu-jitsu Strategies &  Tactics for Self-Defense, published internationally by Tuttle Publishing. She has been writing on her martial arts blog, Jiu-jitsu Sensei, since 2006, and has guest written a number of articles on other martial arts sites, blogs, and newsletters. In addition, she won 1st prize for Roadkill, a piece she wrote for the E-Clips flash fiction contest in 2005.
In addition to her writing, Lori graduated with honours earning a BA in Communication at the University of Ottawa, and worked professionally in marketing/PR as a copywriter and Web marketing/social media specialist for over 7 years both as a consultant and on staff for local Vancouver businesses. 

Film Industry Stunt Performer and Actor

Having developed fighting and falling skills over her 22-year martial arts career, in addition to being a long-time adrenaline-seeker, becoming a stunt performer for the Canadian film industry was a natural fit. In addition to Lori's martial arts related skills, she is also an avid fencer/sword fighter, Advanced Open Water scuba diver, rock climber, downhill skier, and trains regularly in various stunt fighting, falling and movements skills at local gyms.

Based in Vancouver, Lori O'Connell is a full ACTRA (#01-05576), UBCP (#11905) and Stuntlist member, having earned stunt performer credits on Fear the Walking Dead, The 100, Wayward Pines, Supernatural, Van Helsing, Dark Matter, Scary Movie 4, Smallville, and Embrace of the Vampire, etc. 

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